About AHHO


Our Mission:

The Alternative & Holistic Health Organization of New York (AHHO-NY) is a community and membership-based non-profit dedicated to bringing alternative medicine and holistic health care to our communities.


We live in a time when people are suffering from an unprecedented amount of illness, much of which stems from factors, such as stress, poor food choices and poor nutrition, and the search for health in all the wrong places. The healing for this crisis must be sought and found within a paradigm different from that in which the illness was created. AHHO-NY is helping to facilitate a new paradigm toward true health by teaching the importance of living harmoniously with nature, including eating a proper "satvic" diet according to one's personal "constitution," reducing stress and negative emotions through breathing and exercise techniques, and using color, sound, and smell to assist in accomplishing this. This shift toward health consciousness embraces the idea that each individual is biologically unique and must be nourished in a way that is tailored specifically for him or her. Although Ayurveda, Acupuncture and related holistic health practices have had a profound impact in helping many find their own paths to health and wellness, millions of others are not aware of these holistic health systems and do not have the financial means to seek counseling even if they were aware. To that end, AHHO-NY was formed to make holistic health care widely known and widely accessible to everyone from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Our Work

AHHO-NY employs a tri-prong strategy comprised of community outreach and education, research and policy, and job training to bring alternative medicine and holistic health care to our communities, to promote the preservation of health and prevention of disease.